Artist: Khuli Chana f/t Towdee Mac

Song: Sthandwa Sam

Album: The Motswako Originator




Sthandwa sam hey wena sthandwa sam

Hey wena sthandwa sam hey wena sthandwa sam

Darling hihihi Darling hihihi..

Hey wena sthandwa sam


[Khuli Chana]

Oh shes excited Im excited so I tell her a re vaye

Tell her type she aint scared to fly

Oh shes petit like bietjienyana

Di street lights squeezanyana same

Sala speaking of the sunshine

My soul will be from all that chasing

I know God sent you and Ive been patiently waiting

And my heart pump fast Im in love at last

Oh like a baby crush a lady laugh lights my fire like lesedi lame

I mean its only been a weekend and I treat you ekare o medi yame

Already Im ready when you are

Hope my imagination aint running too far

Im listening bua




[Towdee Mac]

Real talk

Just when I started thinking this is it

Im quitting this relationship ship sinking in

I found love in my little pikinini

Forgive me for that alternative thought Im sorry for thinking it

Born against all odds a true fighter

Bona forget two bop o two tiger

Life has been a blessing ever since you came

And all the stressing wont a change a thing

Now I found me a queen in the big capitol city

K and I never worked out try to forgive me

Im only a man trying to be a dad to you

Full time hustler certain things I had to do

Caress hier ba bele Eugene ka there

Ere ke kene ka hier ke tla o bona ha ke tjeka ne

And if the mama get the man in her life

Just like a got me a wife you got my heart so thats alright